Happening Now Near 811 Uptown: Immersive Van Gogh

Living here in Chicago, there’s no shortage of ways to spend an autumn evening. Visit Glencoe’s Botanic Garden or the North Pond Nature Sanctuary, for example, and enjoy the sensory experiences this beautiful season has to offer. Or, enjoy a unique take on the natural beauty of a garden with a visit to the city’s Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

With music, light projections, and the beautiful colors of some of history’s most famous works of art, this immersive experience is the perfect opportunity to celebrate spring in a meaningful way. Stand in a field of sunflowers or watch bits of almond blossom blow by on a silent breeze—both with none of the pollen or other allergens that genuine flowers bring with them. Consider the artist’s strength and symbolism in self-portraits and still lifes, from Starry Night to interpretive images of his own face. 


By choosing the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit for your next date night or a powerful taste of nature, you’ll ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.