Bite Into a Savory Pop Tart at Cloud Cookie

There is no situation a delicious, fluffy cookie can’t fix. Right? That’s why we love Cloud Cookie! This flagship cookie shop was established during the pandemic to bring joy to everyone who indulges in one of their sweet treats. This weekend, you need to stop by and pick up dessert to share! 

The menu features all sorts of flavors so there’s a little something for everyone. The signature treat here is a sugar cookie topped with powdered sugar, but that’s not all they serve up. Local favorites are the Windy City macadamia nut, the Cloudynoir which is essentially a double chocolate chip, and the caramel volcano with M&Ms. They also typically have a vegan option on deck. Did we mention they also have gourmet pop tarts? You will find sweet and savory varieties like strawberry cream cheese or ham, cheddar, and jalapeno. 

Place your order online for quick pickup so you can grab both breakfast and dessert for Valentine’s Day!