Treat Your Valentine to Gourmet Goodies at Chocolate Uzma

This time of year, it’s hard not to crave something chocolaty. From walking the aisles at the grocery store to sitting through ads between scenes in your favorite TV show, chocolate is promoted just about everywhere. It would be easy to grab a candy bar from the checkout display to satiate your urge, or to grab your Valentine the largest red heart-shaped box full of assorted chocolates you can get your hand on. But size and convenience aren’t the only things that matter. Your Valentine is someone special. You’re someone special. And you both deserve something special come February 14th. 

Chocolate Uzma offers just that. Their Valentine’s Day selection alone is plentiful, varied, and beautiful. The 12- or 21-piece Valentine’s Day Collection, for example, offers an eye-catching yellow box with a white ribbon, sure to stand out amongst other, less-impressive holiday chocolates. You’ll find heart-shaped candies with flavors like strawberry shortcake and saffron and rose, not to mention an assortment of signature chocolates. 

This woman-owned small business doesn’t stop there, though. You can lean into the romance and surprise your Valentine with chocolate-covered strawberries, coated in dark, milk, white, and strawberry coatings. Or, treat yourself to an assortment of hand-rolled, gluten-free dark chocolate truffles to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be your own Valentine or celebrate with someone you love—but, either way, mark the occasion with something sweet from Chocolate Uzma.