Craft Your Own Candle at the Newly Opened Aura Candle Bar

There’s no better time for making something than on a chilly winter day. Try your hand at candle making at the newly-opened Aura Candle Bar, about a 10 minute drive from 811 Uptown.

The team at Aura Candle Bar will help you through the process in their bright and airy studio in the Southport Corridor. Start by sampling from 100 fragrance oils and think about which scents you’d enjoy having in your home. Choose your favorites. Maybe it’s rose, or fresh laundry, or Bordeaux? One of the employees will review your favorite scents with you and together  you’ll come up with 3-4 scents that pair well with each other. Choose your candle vessel, or even a flameless fragrance option like a reed diffuser or an aromatic spray.

Next, create your own unique scented candle blend by mixing your preferred scents together in the proportions you choose. If you’re making a candle, you’ll prop up your wick inside the candle vessel, the employees pour in the hot wax, and then you mix in your scented oils. The staff are there to guide you, so ask away if you have a question!

The candle has to cool, so run an errand or go enjoy a meal nearby in the Southport corridor, then return a few hours later to pick up your candle. Light your candle during the chilly winter months ahead and savor your own signature blend.