Have You Tried the Savory Ice Cream at Cone Gourmet?

Sean McGuire grew up in the little town of Belmullet, Ireland, and he brings a piece of his international upbringing to Cone Gourmet Ice Cream. It shows up in specialty sundaes like the Celtic Warrior, which features a strawberry topping and Irish chocolate flakes over your choice of ice cream. The Blarney turtle sundae showcases hot fudge, caramel, and salted pecans on top. They’re both currently available for pick-up or delivery, along with many other unique options.

For instance, Cone offers a few savory ice cream flavors, like cilantro-lime, What’s the Dill, Pickle? with crunchy peanut butter and pickles, and even vanilla ice cream sprinkled with salt and pepper. It also boasts a lineup of super summery flavors, from pineapple to strawberry-basil. But if you just want a simple scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream—or maybe a milkshake—you’ll find that, too, at Cone Gourmet Ice Cream.