Save Big on Your Grocery Bill at Aldi

A few years ago, the Aldi at 4500 North Broadway underwent a major overhaul. Its narrow aisles were replaced with large, spacious ones. The checkout lanes were outfitted with newer technology. And for the first time, it began to stock beer, wine, and liquor. Now it’s easier than ever to do all of your grocery shopping at Aldi.

What used to be a go-to for the basics, like canned goods and frozen foods, is now a one-stop-shop for everything you need to stock your kitchen. Fresh produce, eggs and dairy, and, of course, those shelf-stable groceries are all available at Aldi. 

It may have a slightly smaller selection than your average grocery store, but the deep discounts make the slight inconvenience well worth it. Plus, it’s right next to Target if you can’t find something on your shopping list.