Taste-Test Inventive Mediterranean Plates at Galit

If you love to try new foods, the newly opened Galit offers the perfect prix fixe tasting menu for you. The five-course menu allows you to pick and choose your plates, starting with your choice of hummus, from simple tahini to the popular Bubbe’s brisket. Next, you’ll get to sample a smorgasbord of salatim (side dishes), including labneh, Brussels sprouts, and Yemenite pickles. Next, pick a trio of mezze from a list that includes falafel, beets, and butternut bazhe. Finally, for your entree, share chicken thighs or Balkan-stuffed carrots and enjoy krembo  for dessert.

The regular dinner menu contains many of the same dishes, so if you know exactly what you want, order a few dishes a la carte. Start with the trumpet mushroom hummus infused with collard greens, harissa, and gribenes. Then devour bites from the coal-fired oven, such as the steak with paprika and spring onion, the falafel with mango and Persian pickled turnips, and the beets with black garlic and dill. This is one dining experience you aren’t soon to forget. 

Taste-Test Inventive Mediterranean Plates At Galit